Latest Publication: Review of ‘Les Faites et les Gestes de Robin Hood’

Jonathan Fruoco, ed. and trans., Les Faits et Gestes de Robin des Bois: Poèmes, Ballades et Saynètes. Collection Moyen Âge européen. Grenoble: UGA éditions, 2017. ISBN: 9782377470136. Paperback, €24.90. 374 pp.

At the IARHS blog.

I recieved a request to review this early in the semester – just after I’d taught a selection of Robin Hood text, out of the standard TEAMS edition, to francophone students. This won’t displace the TEAMS, or Dobson and Taylor, but provides a nice completement to them that may be more useful to specific audiences.

Where to find me this conference season: OMGC, IMC2018

Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference (28 June):

  • ‘Cross-dressing and cross-species sex: the obscene spectacle of the sow and the lions in the Prose Merlin

Leeds International Medieval Congress 2018 (2-5th July), session 520 ‘You’re so Ywain: You Probably Think This Romance Is About You’:

  • ‘Why Is a Woman Like a Lion?: And Other Questions of Friendship in Ywain and Gawain’